Salmon Farms, River Status and Water Quality

This map shows the location of salmon farms, the conservation status and Q-value for salmon rivers. A single polygon marks a 20km river mouth buffer zone.

  • about 1 year ago
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Datasets in use

  • salmon_rivers

    Gives the location of salmon river mouths and their conservation status between 2007 - 2015

    public 151 rows almost 3 years ago
  • salmon_farms

    Shows the location and area of Licensed Salmon Farms in the Republic of Ireland

    public 64 rows almost 3 years ago
  • qvalues

    This layer gives the Q-values for salmon rivers.

    public 852 rows almost 3 years ago
  • buffer20km

    Shows a buffer of 20km from salmon river mouths dissolved into one polygon.

    public 1 rows almost 3 years ago

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